HemingwayEx v1.8 released

I played around a bit with WP 3.0 Menus and was able to incorporate it into HemingwayEx. Also, with this theme, users can decide to have a single column homepage instead of have the two columns.

Setting up WP Menus was quite straightforward actually, based on information in Nicholas’s article. Then there was some work needed to show drop down menus and for that I chose to use the Superfish JQuery Plugin. The site’s got everything you need to get the Superfish menus working. I just needed to make a few tweaks to the arrow images to change the color from white to black and had to fix the CSS.

One thing that caused me considerable amount of headache was invoking the superfish js using jQuery when document loads. Because other parts of the theme were also using jQuery and other JavaScripts, I had to use the JQuery NoConfict mode. I had to change the following:

<script  type="text/javascript"> 


<script  type="text/javascript">  
    $j = jQuery.noConflict();
    $j(document).ready(function() { 

And then everything worked perfectly. Hope you enjoy this release.

I have started hosting HemingwayEx code and downloads on Github now. v1.8 is available for download right now.

HemingwayEx v1.7 released

I finally found some time yesterday to fix a bug and made HemingwayEx compatible with WP3.0. It’s been a long time since the last official release. A lot of work has gone into this theme between the last few revisions and most of it was done by db0. He spent a great amount of time enhancing the theme and adding support for many plugins.

I have moved the source of HemingwayEx to Github. It’s a great place to code socially because it makes it very easy for anyone to create a patch and submit it for addition to the main project.

Anyways, you can get the latest version of HemingwayEx at github.

HemingwayEx 1.5 Final

I finally got myself to fix some more bugs and add a couple of new things into the HemingwayEx WordPress theme. I received a few suggestions on features that could be added and after thinking about it a bit, I add some more things to this theme. This will (99.99%) be the last update of this theme coming out on my website. I have been intermittently updating this theme over the last year & a half and now I feel it’s time to move onto something else.

This update includes the following changes:

  • A new CSS with Black, Blue and Gray colors.
  • Added support for Paginating the homepage
  • Added WP Gravatar API into the comments. You can turn it on/off using WP->Settings->Discussion page.
  • Updated the theme to start using js included in WP itself.
  • Removed support for Hemingway blocks. Now, this theme only works with Widgets.
  • Fixed a few bugs reported by Thomas regarding the search page.

To get the theme go on over to the HemingwayEx download page.

It’s been a lot of fun working on this theme and I thank everyone who has used this theme and written to me about it.

Hemingwayex 1.1 is finally here

I have finally found time now and then in the past three weeks and tweaked HemingwayEx to work with WordPress 2.3+ and WordPress 2.5. I have fixed a lot of small issues here and there with CSS and the PHP code. I also added few more options to make the theme even more customizable. One can now choose to enable/disable sidebars, post navigation, excerpts on homepage, font resizer. Also, I have added in-built support for Related Posts plugin.

I would really like to thank people who have use this theme and have come back to me with bugs and ideas to improve HemingwayEx. Though I didn’t look at the emails/comments for a long time, I did go though all of them while working on this update. I have incorporated many comments and suggestions into this update.

I already have ideas for the next release, but I am sure that is ages away. Work has become so hectic that I have even stopped blogging regularly now. This will be my first post in almost half-a-year.

Anyways, I hope everyone who tries this theme has a good experience.


HemingwayEx 1.1 on it’s way

Tonight, I finally found it in me to fire up my XAMPP installation and make modifications to HemingwayEx. Things have again changed quite a bit in WordPress 2.3, especially with the way categories are handled now and the added support for Tags, and this means a lot of changes in the theme as well.

The major changes that I made are:

  1. Got rid of the ‘Check for Updates‘ feature. I never really got it to work properly, so I have gotten rid of it altogether. Also, I don’t see this theme changing so regularly that one would need to check for updates periodically.
  2. Got rid of the Asides feature. It was earlier possible to assign a category for Asides and then display those posts separately. But I haven’t really been able to add a whole lot more into this feature. Also, to use it, I had to provide a widget and a block implementation as well. I figure it is better for everyone to just use a plugin for setting up asides on their sites.
  3. Fixed Tagging, by replacing UTW functions with the native WP functions. This also meant that I have gotten rid of the Tag and Tags templates. Another thing that UTW provided was a way to display related post. I had to remove this as I couldn’t find a good plugin to replace this.

I am currently waiting to fixing some CSS issues and trying to figure out how to (and if I want to) add internationalization support. I don’t know when I would be able to find time for that…

Say Hello to HemingwayEx 1.0

After about 4 months of inactivity little activity, I finally sat down sometime back and updated HemingwayEx. Added some much needed new features and squashed some old bugs. Again, a lot of help came from many others who have liked this forum and were nice enough to report bugs and give ideas of what more can be done with the theme.

Anyways, with this relase, HemingwayEx has made a major jump. The theme is now Widgetized. Users can now go to the options page and set whether they want to use the old blocks system or use widgets for sidebars. I have also added a font size changer and added comment numbering.

Going forward, I am planning on making the theme more customizable and adding internationalization support. Also, will work on adding more user styles.

Here are the pseudo release notes / changelog:

Version: 1.0
Release date: Jul 14, 2007
Release Notes: I have fixed a few more bugs. Also added some major features into the theme.

Added Features

  • Widgetized the theme. User can switch between using Hemingway Blocks System or Widgetized Sidebars.
  • Added a font size changer. Now viewers can increase / decrease the size of font by clicking on a few links just below the search form. Credit goes to this simple and easy tutorial.
  • Numbered comments, that look (IMHO) cool.
  • Added an Asides Widget to be used when theme is being used in widgetized mode. The functionality is the same as the Asides block previously added to HemingwayEx.
  • Added a new block WordSpew, thanks to Darwin.

Bug Fixes

  • Simple CSS fixes to style.css
  • Added more properties to white.css
  • Removed all PHP short tags. I think this time I got ’em all.
  • Fixed bugs pointed out by Darwin

Tested on : WordPress 2.1 and WordPress 2.2.1 with IE6, IE7 and Firefox

HemingwayEx 0.95 beta

I have updated HemingwayEx wordpress theme by adding some simple new features. I also made some bug fixes. The best thing about this update is that now users will see a notification of a new version on the HemingwayEx Option page. I really hope that this works. I am not much of a PHP coder… just hacked up what I could by reading Peter Harkins’s code for the wordpress plug-in Sociable.

I also fixed some more CSS issues with the white.css stylesheet. The worst part about styling a theme is making it compatible with different browsers. I must make my displeasure with IE’s handling of CSS very clear here. I have done what I can for now and will keep fixing things as I learn more.

You can download the latest version, 0.95 beta from HemingwayEx homepage.

If you are UPGRADING, you will need to reset/uninstall the previous version of HemingwayEx first as I have moved the blocks around. If you don’t you might find the display mixed up. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Goto HemingwayEx Options page and note down you settings.
  2. Now upload the new files for HemingwayEx theme.
  3. Click reset button right at the bottom of the HemingwayEx options page.
  4. Refresh the HemingwayEx Options page and set the options to what they were before.

Introducing HemingwayEx for WordPress

Finally, after quite a bit of tinkering with the Hemingway theme, I have come up with HemingwayEx, an extension of the Hemingway wordpress theme. It’s sort of a beta release as I have only tested it with WordPress 2.1 Ella and CSS support is mainly for Firefox. I have added quite a few new features, which makes it very different from other themes built on top of Hemingway, but it still preserves the essence of the original Hemingway theme.

I would love to hear from WP bloggers who give this theme a try. You can learn more about HemingwayEx here.