Connect to MS SQL Server using JDBC

The following example shows a java class that can be used to verify if you connection to MS SQL Server using JDBC is working properly. The following code establishes a connection to MS SQL server and then executes a query to print system tables. You need to get Microsoft’s JDBC drivers or jTDS JDBC drivers. […]


Removing tags from WordPress posts content

I have been using WordPress since version 1.x and back then there was no native support for tags in WordPress. Easiest thing to add tags to post was to use UTW or other plugins and because of my new found love for tags then, I started using WP-Tagerati and then moved on to Ultimate Tag […]


Mass string replace in MySQL

I have quite a few times needed to replace strings in my blog’s Db. One simple example is when I changed my blog address and all the URLs to the images were hardcoded. So, I had to go into the db and change the URLs from to Anyways, so a simple way of […]