Kya kool Hai Hum

After a long time it was good to see a senseless comedy. The producer and director have claimed that it is different from other comedies… if by being different they mean worse, then they are correct. I liked it as I just wanted to waste sometime and had not seen such bad a movie in a long time.

This movie if filled with puns. Almost every statment made in the movie has something or the other to do with sex and it’s various connotations. The acting is bad, the actors more than anything else, come across as fakes. I really didn’t understand why Anupam Kher had to be associated with such a movie.

Well, for all the effort that’s been put into this movie, I’ll give it a 4/10.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls
The Niagara Falls. Went with friends there over the weekend. Was fun. Just amazing to see 675,000 gallons of water flow per second…. 


This is the beginning of my blogging journey. I have tried before but failed miserably….. not because of others but because of my own will power to continue writing. I just hope that this time everything works out just fine…. after all everything in this world rests on hope and desire to achieve something….

You might laugh at the prospect of writing regularly to a blog as an acheivement, but to me it actually is…

I plan to talk in this blog about my day to day life and about my thoughts and ideas about the internet.

I welcome you and wish that you welcome me too…