The Longest Yard

Hmm…. well what should I say. It was an ok ok movie…. Was fun to begin with with the team of Adam Sandler and Chris Rock really doing good job at making me laugh. But the movie kinda lost track in the middle… story started to drag… The ending was as expected. Well, I guess the ppl making the movie tried to keep a balance between reality and all their imagination and that is wehre they lost it…

I give this movie a 5/10.

North Avenue Beach

North Avenue Beach, ChicagoWent to North Avenue Beach. I was not in a mood to go as it was already to late to goto a beach. Sun was just about to set. As it turns out I was wrong.

Amazing weather and a beautiful view of Chicago downtown. Had real fun. The water is still too cold to go and play in it, but I did walk barefeet. We went on an embankment streching about a 100 meters into Lake Michigan. Sat around and enjoyed the sun set on the horizon and the cool breeze. After that went and had dinner on an on-the-beach restaurant.

All in all…. a great way to spend an evening !