Austin Powers

Was getting bored yesterday and didn’t feel like doing anything constructive, so I went ahead and watched all three Austin Power movies. Had seen them before in bits and pieces, I knew that I should expect utter stupidity… The first, International Man of Mystery, was best amongst all three and I just couldn’t stand Goldmember, […]


ok… just came back after watching Shooter. Please avoid this movie. The critics had rightly criticized this movie but +70% that viewers at gave it, made me think it might just have something good in it. It seems like, directors here are running out of ideas and are now trying to imitate Indian directors […]

The Departed

Watched this movie over the weekend with friends… Simply amazing movie… the best I have seen in a long time. This masterpiece by Martin Scorsese stars Lenoardo as an under-cover cop, Matt Damon as a corrupt cop and Jack Nicholson as the mafia don. The movie is fast paced and you never realize when the 149 […]