Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Finished reading this last night and it left me quite sad… I already knew that Dumbledore would die in the novel, but still… Anyways… I am happy to have finished reading all the novels as now I can peacefully take a break from this series… It’s quite stupid but I have actually started thinking how […]


I came to know yesterday that a new weighing scale had been placed in the men’s restroom in one of our office buildings. It had been a while since I had been trying to step on to one, so last evening after workout, I went ahead and weighed myself… And…. I weigh 200 lbs… well… […]

I cooked !

Weekends can be sooo boring… that they can drive one to cook ! Finally… after a gap of 8 months, I cooked today. It wasn’t that I was forced or anything. Just that I got bored of eating out all the time and it was a weekend and I had nothing better to do. Went […]