13 Page Resume!

Recently interviewed a candidate whose resume had 13 pages! I didn’t bother printing more that 4. It’s crazy that he thought someone would go through all that information before talking to him. The highlights section was a beauty as well.

13 Page Resume
13 Page Resume

I personally, try to keep my resume as short as possible. It’s currently at just about 2 pages.

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  1. I find longer resumes easier. 2 page resume have nothing more than a summary- one has to call and interview to get any real information.

    On a 2 page resume you can only list that you have experience with linux. But on the extended ones, you HAVE to list WHAT type and the details of that. Makes it much easier for me to decide whom to call for interviews.

  2. You should always keep your resume to one page. Unless you are some super experienced candidate with multiple degrees and several applicable experiences, there is nothing you really need to put on a resume to make it longer than one page.

    And, Surabhi, that’s just what a resume is — a summary of yourself. Your potential employer doesn’t need to know every little odd job you’ve ever had, and every little non-relevant skill.

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