HemingwayEx v1.8 released

I played around a bit with WP 3.0 Menus and was able to incorporate it into HemingwayEx. Also, with this theme, users can decide to have a single column homepage instead of have the two columns.

Setting up WP Menus was quite straightforward actually, based on information in Nicholas’s article. Then there was some work needed to show drop down menus and for that I chose to use the Superfish JQuery Plugin. The site’s got everything you need to get the Superfish menus working. I just needed to make a few tweaks to the arrow images to change the color from white to black and had to fix the CSS.

One thing that caused me considerable amount of headache was invoking the superfish js using jQuery when document loads. Because other parts of the theme were also using jQuery and other JavaScripts, I had to use the JQuery NoConfict mode. I had to change the following:



And then everything worked perfectly. Hope you enjoy this release.

I have started hosting HemingwayEx code and downloads on Github now. v1.8 is available for download right now.