HemingwayEx v1.7 released

I finally found some time yesterday to fix a bug and made HemingwayEx compatible with WP3.0. It’s been a long time since the last official release. A lot of work has gone into this theme between the last few revisions and most of it was done by db0. He spent a great amount of time enhancing the theme and adding support for many plugins.

I have moved the source of HemingwayEx to Github. It’s a great place to code socially because it makes it very easy for anyone to create a patch and submit it for addition to the main project.

Anyways, you can get the latest version of HemingwayEx at github.


  1. Just to let you know, I’ve made some more alterations to the theme, as it stands on my site. These are:
    1) On WP3 there seems to be an issue with the comment numbers (they appear on top of each other in the top right corner of the page). It may be a plug-in, but after removing what I could, it still seemed to be doing it. I have tweaked the style sheet to get them aligned back with the comments.
    2) I’ve used prototype/scriptcious (oh, whatever it’s called) to make the comments section work in a manner similar to the navigation slide panel.
    3) IE8 doesn’t handle the navigation panel as prettily as I wanted, so I’ve altered that a touch, too.
    4) Added code to support WP-Print widget in posts.

    Just want to say that IE8 truly sucks lemons. It doesn’t like prototype/scriptathingy (it has issues changing the text in elements, and won’t remove existing ones, or so it seems to me. Also, don’t use wp-slimbox2 with Picasa Image Express plugin – IE8 balks and doesn’t show images properly. Firefox, Safari and Chrome all play nicely. Even IE6 seemed to work better with my site than IE8!
    I’ll warn you now, I’m am Apps developer, not a web developer, so everything I’ve done is hacky, and I still think web developing is grotty work due to all those incompatible browsers (I’m looking at you, Bill). Rant over.
    Not tried Opera yet, but I’m figuring it can’t be worse thatn IE8.
    To see these awful hacks in action:

    Oh, yeah, I’ll send you my list of changes in case you’re interested.

    I’ll shut up now.

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