Desi Habits

Got the following list as a forward. Being quite a typical desi, I do have to agree with quite a few of them 🙂

  • The only reason you go to a temple on festivals is because there is free food.
  • You keep comparing prices at electronics store for the phone you bought six months ago.
  • You bought a Toyota or Honda car only because it has better resale value.
  • You ask for a small drink at fast food restaurant because the refill is free.
  • You spent 2 days cleaning your apartment before leaving so you can get full security refund from your landlord.
  • You don’t know any American outside your work.
  • You try to ignore all other unknown desis around you.
  • You talk to Americans as if you represent your whole country.
  • You frequent to yard sales every week.
  • You use grocery bags as garbage bags.
  • Office supplies mysteriously find their way in your house.
  • You don’t want to buy a printer because you can always use the office printer.
  • You decide to marry a girl/guy that your parents fixed you up with.
  • You split the tax from your common grocery bill.
  • You know more than one plans offered by long distance companies.
  • You take plain water instead of Coke for lunch.
  • You take any drink with no ice because you can’t drink ice.
  • You ask before eating any meat “Is this beef?”
  • You know all the facilities available at public library.
  • You find taco bell sauce packets in your kitchen drawer.
  • You take off your shoes before stepping foot in your living room.
  • You like onion rings at Burger King.
  • You are looking for dual voltage appliances and GSM cellphones
  • The number of long distance calls is more than domestic calls.
  • Your first name ends with kumar, bhai or ben
  • You have at least one India made pressure cooker in your kitchen.
  • You know how much a 7 layer burrito costs at Taco Bell.
  • Put oil in your hair.
  • You have a picture of Indian Deity on the dashboard of your car.
  • This thought comes to you “Oh Shit I just saw another desis” when you are window shopping at a local mall.
  • You are compelled to visit every major city in U.S. just so as to say that “Yes, I have been there”.
  • You pay your bills the day they come in mail.
  • You buy rice in the 20lb bags or larger.
  • You have postponed buying answering machine because the phone you are planning to buy six months later has built-in answering machine.
  • You start spelling your name to the operator like A as in Apple, B as in boy, T as in train… well you get the idea.
  • You bring over the counter medicine like Iodex and Vicks from India
  • You know the current differential in gold prices between India and U.S.
  • Use the credit card with maximum cash back
  • You have collected enough frequent flier miles for an international trip.
  • You are saving more than 30% of your salary.

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