HemingwayEx 1.5 Final

I finally got myself to fix some more bugs and add a couple of new things into the HemingwayEx WordPress theme. I received a few suggestions on features that could be added and after thinking about it a bit, I add some more things to this theme. This will (99.99%) be the last update of this theme coming out on my website. I have been intermittently updating this theme over the last year & a half and now I feel it’s time to move onto something else.

This update includes the following changes:

  • A new CSS with Black, Blue and Gray colors.
  • Added support for Paginating the homepage
  • Added WP Gravatar API into the comments. You can turn it on/off using WP->Settings->Discussion page.
  • Updated the theme to start using js included in WP itself.
  • Removed support for Hemingway blocks. Now, this theme only works with Widgets.
  • Fixed a few bugs reported by Thomas regarding the search page.

To get the theme go on over to the HemingwayEx download page.

It’s been a lot of fun working on this theme and I thank everyone who has used this theme and written to me about it.


  1. Heh, Okay so I currently blog on Blogger and love this theme. Though I am disappointed with WPs “workability” that it is not as “free will” as blogger. This theme covers a lot and moves surprisingly fast. Its greatly appreciated. Though, I have to ask..I thought that I seen that if I want to use “tags’ I need ‘tag warrior’ or did I dream it? Tags it seems to me would help readers ‘drill down’ just exactly what they are looking for..only as long as the blog author doesn’t blow you away with 100’s of tags..
    Would you be willing to devise a newer version where rather having two posts at the top you have one with the ‘block” of recent posts to the left…refreshed through Ajax or Json?

  2. Thanks for update this theme,,its a great theme i mean it…

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