Hemingwayex 1.1 is finally here

I have finally found time now and then in the past three weeks and tweaked HemingwayEx to work with WordPress 2.3+ and WordPress 2.5. I have fixed a lot of small issues here and there with CSS and the PHP code. I also added few more options to make the theme even more customizable. One can now choose to enable/disable sidebars, post navigation, excerpts on homepage, font resizer. Also, I have added in-built support for Related Posts plugin.

I would really like to thank people who have use this theme and have come back to me with bugs and ideas to improve HemingwayEx. Though I didn’t look at the emails/comments for a long time, I did go though all of them while working on this update. I have incorporated many comments and suggestions into this update.

I already have ideas for the next release, but I am sure that is ages away. Work has become so hectic that I have even stopped blogging regularly now. This will be my first post in almost half-a-year.

Anyways, I hope everyone who tries this theme has a good experience.



  1. I have to tell you how inspired by your theme I am. I was in total despair of ever finding a theme that I could use without lots of tweaking and grow into in my skills of WP.

    It is simply the nicest theme I have seen and I have been looking seriously now for a few months. Thank you for doing quality work.

  2. Good work!

    I just downloaded the new version to play around with it and I like it. It did create some issues so I’m not ready to move to it yet but I think I will eventually.

    Btw, I’m surprised to see you switched to a blue theme. Although not too similar, our colour selections are close enough. Damn! 😛

  3. i´m new with blogging and wordpress and i find your theme some days ago. i love it, it runs without problems with all the plugins i use, generally the nextgen gallery.

    very nixe work, thank you.

  4. I’ve spent hours working on this wonderful theme. This theme is beautiful and has everything I was looking for. But……something about this theme breaks every photo slideshow plugin known to the WordPress Plugins Directory website. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch this Achilles heal until I had my site completely built. The answer on the forum is essentially “This is a known issue and something that I have been unable to fix.” Guess I’ll spend another day or two customizing another hemingway theme.

    Be Warned!!

    I greatly appreciate what’s been done here, but without some update, I’m going to have to abandon ship.


  5. Kyle another option you can try is a Gallery2 installation with the wpg2 plugin. I have it on my installation and the slideshow works. The built-in Lightbox of wpg2 works too but it breaks my sliderbar.

  6. I really enjoy your work. I found the HemmingwayEx theme just today and tested it before uploading to the production server. Everything was ok until I was showing off at the local Caribou Coffee and discovered the “open navigation” feature was not visible on my 14″ laptop screen. That is until I tried minimizing the browser. Weird.

    Could you shed some light on this quirk?

  7. I can use the option “Post navigation” the link just go to …/page/2 and shows me “Erro 404” =S, pls can you help me?

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