HemingwayEx 1.1 on it’s way

Tonight, I finally found it in me to fire up my XAMPP installation and make modifications to HemingwayEx. Things have again changed quite a bit in WordPress 2.3, especially with the way categories are handled now and the added support for Tags, and this means a lot of changes in the theme as well.

The major changes that I made are:

  1. Got rid of the ‘Check for Updates‘ feature. I never really got it to work properly, so I have gotten rid of it altogether. Also, I don’t see this theme changing so regularly that one would need to check for updates periodically.
  2. Got rid of the Asides feature. It was earlier possible to assign a category for Asides and then display those posts separately. But I haven’t really been able to add a whole lot more into this feature. Also, to use it, I had to provide a widget and a block implementation as well. I figure it is better for everyone to just use a plugin for setting up asides on their sites.
  3. Fixed Tagging, by replacing UTW functions with the native WP functions. This also meant that I have gotten rid of the Tag and Tags templates. Another thing that UTW provided was a way to display related post. I had to remove this as I couldn’t find a good plugin to replace this.

I am currently waiting to fixing some CSS issues and trying to figure out how to (and if I want to) add internationalization support. I don’t know when I would be able to find time for that…


  1. Look’s really nice

    what i would really like is jQuery to replace the prototype javascript

    jQuery is what wordpress ship so it would make everything that bit nicer !

    thanks and I am defiantly thinking of deploying this


    John Jones

  2. Thanks for your great work on this theme! I’d vote for skipping the international support and shooting for WP 2.3.1 compatibility… Looking forward to it!

  3. Hi, this theme is very cool. I’d like to use it on my site which is running WP 2.3.2. When do you plan to release 1.1?


  4. Looking forward for the 2.3 compatibility update.
    Pls keep on the good work 😉

    Thanks for all yr efforts!

  5. I have been using your HemingwayEx for some time, and I love it! I am anxious to see the new version.

    As I am between projects I am now splitting canvas2screen into 3 separate blogs, crack-hotel & tech-hotel, and plan a relaunch asap, as I use Bluehost (am more an artist than a tech) and they have a 1-click intall of wordpress I am in th eprocess of getting the 1.0 version to work with 2.3.2 and only have problems with Tags & Asides.

    Can you recommend a good plug-in for Asides and a way to display Tags as I have them now on http://www.canvas2screen.com (still using 2.2.2)?

    Your work is great, if you need testers let me know…

  6. Why do you write on your blog that this theme does not work on WP 2.3 when you run 2.3.1 at your own? I dont get it, sorry…

  7. Anyway its a great work you did put into this theme. You should make a paypal donation buttom, I would be happy to donate something for your work when 1.1 is released 🙂 Keep up the good work.

  8. Hi. Waiting for 1.1.
    Is it possible to fix text size. It differs in IE and in Firefox/Opera. In reality IE’s pages look better, because the font is larger. It seems to me that IE firstly loads the page and then increases text size, because I can see a kind of blinking.
    Anyway is it possible to make text size equal for all browsers and make it larger like in IE?

  9. Ah…I’m so new to bloggin…found your template elsewhere and loved it but couldn’t figure out why the homepage is all screwy. But after coming here, I guess my having 2.5 would explain it. lol
    Anxiously awaiting. Do you have any plans for a 2.5 compatible version?
    Thank you. And great work!

  10. I’m using hemingway 1.0 on WP 2.3.2 and it works great! There are a few small funny things, particularly on explorer (the “open navigation” portion works, but then is instantly made invisible), but I don’t mind, because the theme is so rockin’. I particularly like the special hemingway options control page. Keep up the good work and thank you very much!

  11. Hi peeps,

    I recently started working again on this theme. I have done some clean up and added a few things. If I am able to find time, I should be able to get it out in a couple of weeks or earlier.

    Great to know that soo many ppl have liked this theme

  12. Hi Nalin,

    I love the HemingwayEx theme. Thanks for the notice about the release of HemingwayEx 1.1. I’m planning to activate the theme in a couple days on my site though since I have it somewhat working on WordPress 2.5 already after spending a few days on it. I will definitely check back for your new release though. Thank you for all your work!

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