Long long time ago…

Man…. it’s been ages since I have had a look at my site. I have been just too busy with work and lazy the rest of the time. My last post was on July 29th…

Finally, I upgraded to WP 2.3.1 tonight. As you can see (or might see), I am using the default WP theme right now as HemingwayEx doesn’t work with this version. I have been getting a lot of emails from people regarding this theme and many ppl have been enthu enough to go ahead and fix the theme to work with 2.3 as well. Hopefully, I will find sometime this weekend and do some work on it and answer questions in the forum.

Currently, I am eagerly looking forward to Dec and Jan. Both are going to be very eventful months. I am leaving for a three week trip to India in December and have other things coming up in Jan. Other than that, life is going on as usual… busy as hell on weekdays and boring/sad on weekends… 🙂


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