Say Hello to HemingwayEx 1.0

After about 4 months of inactivity little activity, I finally sat down sometime back and updated HemingwayEx. Added some much needed new features and squashed some old bugs. Again, a lot of help came from many others who have liked this forum and were nice enough to report bugs and give ideas of what more can be done with the theme.

Anyways, with this relase, HemingwayEx has made a major jump. The theme is now Widgetized. Users can now go to the options page and set whether they want to use the old blocks system or use widgets for sidebars. I have also added a font size changer and added comment numbering.

Going forward, I am planning on making the theme more customizable and adding internationalization support. Also, will work on adding more user styles.

Here are the pseudo release notes / changelog:

Version: 1.0
Release date: Jul 14, 2007
Release Notes: I have fixed a few more bugs. Also added some major features into the theme.

Added Features

  • Widgetized the theme. User can switch between using Hemingway Blocks System or Widgetized Sidebars.
  • Added a font size changer. Now viewers can increase / decrease the size of font by clicking on a few links just below the search form. Credit goes to this simple and easy tutorial.
  • Numbered comments, that look (IMHO) cool.
  • Added an Asides Widget to be used when theme is being used in widgetized mode. The functionality is the same as the Asides block previously added to HemingwayEx.
  • Added a new block WordSpew, thanks to Darwin.

Bug Fixes

  • Simple CSS fixes to style.css
  • Added more properties to white.css
  • Removed all PHP short tags. I think this time I got ’em all.
  • Fixed bugs pointed out by Darwin

Tested on : WordPress 2.1 and WordPress 2.2.1 with IE6, IE7 and Firefox


  1. nice :-)…i really like the feature to increase font size….i can read the blog without straining my eyes πŸ˜‰

  2. Hey there! Love the theme! We’re looking to use it in one of our internal intranet sites. So many thanks!

    I do have a question, perhaps even found a bug. But we test on IE and Firefox, and unfortunately I’m seeing some minor differences.

    For example, when we include an image in our posts and specify horizontal and/or vertical spacing, it works in IE but not Firefox.

    Also, we recently installed the “Viper’s Video Quicktag” plugin via . For whatever reason, we cannot get it to display correctly on the front page when adding video. And while it does display on the story page, it’s being obscured by the bottom bar. Does this make sense?

    Anyway, love the theme… thanks again!

  3. Kevin,

    Good to hear that you liked the theme so much… regarding the issues you mentioned:

    1. Firefox has issues with VSPACE and HSPACE. Please read

    2. The Viper’s Video QuickTag will not work on the front page of this theme until you get rid of the excerpt function. The contents of post on from page are processed differently and hence the meta tags from that plugin dont work. It might be better to use a different plugin or replace the excerpt function to get content of posts on front page.

  4. Gary,

    I am not using widgets on my site yet. I am using the Block System of HemingwayEx.

  5. I also have a few questions:
    – how could I use the trivial stats with widgets?
    – you wrote you tested with IE6 and IE7 but I still have problems with IE6 => the top navigation bar does not display with IE6 you can check it out her on this site I am currently building:

  6. ovidiu, I think you also posted these questions in the pseudo support forum… I will answer them there…

  7. Any chance of tips for upgrading the theme? I’ve heavily modified my own (or, at least, heavily for my own limited web design knowledge) and I don’t want to screw everything up :-/

    Cheers for the update though and it’s nice to see those new features. The widgetized part is a huge plus.

  8. Very nice theme. It’s perfect (both black and white)
    Just one suggest on date format:
    Universal (desc): yy/mm/dd (this could be useful)

    About the rest.. its perfect! good work!

  9. Is there anyway to make the post to be in 1 single column instead of 2 side by side?

    And, If there is a way, how to set to multiple post for the column?

    I got it running showing 4 posts, but the placement seems to be shifted.


  10. Hi there,

    I’ve just set up my site using hemingwayex. I’ve got a issue with the dates of the post. I would like to set the date in European format (dd/mm/yy) also I would like to take off the part where it says “You’re currently β€šΓ„ΓΊ***β€šΓ„ΓΉ, an entry on ****. I tried to tackle the latter problem myself and it seems ok (look at the Italian version of the site) but I don’t know about the date. I’m just a no-no in php. A hand would be appreciated. Thanks. And thanks for your work

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