Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Finished reading this last night and it left me quite sad… I already knew that Dumbledore would die in the novel, but still… Anyways… I am happy to have finished reading all the novels as now I can peacefully take a break from this series… It’s quite stupid but I have actually started thinking how much better my life would be with all the magic described in the books. It’s something like wanting to have the Staple’s EASY button.

One thing that was good about this novel was that it wasn’t as difficult a read as the one before it… In The Order of the Phoenix, it was heart wrenching to be in Harry’s shoes all the time… He was portrayed as being so very helpless… but in this novel at least thats not the case. Also, this novel makes for a good setting for the next and the last novel.

There are many rumors going around about how it’s all going to end… I find myself discussing it now and again with people… well… everyone will come to know in July… 🙂

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