HemingwayEx 0.95 beta

I have updated HemingwayEx wordpress theme by adding some simple new features. I also made some bug fixes. The best thing about this update is that now users will see a notification of a new version on the HemingwayEx Option page. I really hope that this works. I am not much of a PHP coder… just hacked up what I could by reading Peter Harkins’s code for the wordpress plug-in Sociable.

I also fixed some more CSS issues with the white.css stylesheet. The worst part about styling a theme is making it compatible with different browsers. I must make my displeasure with IE’s handling of CSS very clear here. I have done what I can for now and will keep fixing things as I learn more.

You can download the latest version, 0.95 beta from HemingwayEx homepage.

If you are UPGRADING, you will need to reset/uninstall the previous version of HemingwayEx first as I have moved the blocks around. If you don’t you might find the display mixed up. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Goto HemingwayEx Options page and note down you settings.
  2. Now upload the new files for HemingwayEx theme.
  3. Click reset button right at the bottom of the HemingwayEx options page.
  4. Refresh the HemingwayEx Options page and set the options to what they were before.