Why is everyone getting married ?

I have finally reached that age when everyone around me is

1. Married,
2. Getting married, or
3. Is planning on getting married soon.

I go to office and most of my team members are married (and even have kids). It sometimes just gets difficult relating to them. I have friends who are in serious relationships and have started thinking about it. There are also many in my small circle who are actually getting married. I am happy for them because they are happy, but other than that nothing makes me happy about the whole situation. Nowadays, the question, "So… when are you getting married ?", with a wicked smile, has become a very common question that I end up asking my friends.

It’s just weird being 24… my folks haven’t been pressing me much as of now, ’cause they do realize that I am still a kid… but I think I remember my dad mentioning that 26 is a good age !! 😮 I have been trying to make it clear to them (and to the world, thru this post, I guess) that as of now, to me, 28-29 seems like a perfect age… If this changes, only time will tell… There’s so much more to life than settling down

And, what is the point of this post ?? well, like most of my other posts, this one too is pointless… just some thoughts in my head that I want to get out…


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  1. It is funny how I came across this post, but I’m actually feeling the same way. In addtion, I came from a culture where most girl get marry before 18. So most of my cousin, friends, people i know are marry. I feel so lost….

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