I feel like I am in rehab

I just shifted into my new place… which is going to serve as a shelter for the next couple of months. November end, I will look for a new place again seeing how things work out for me in the near future. Got a pretty good deal… good big 2 bedroom 2 bath house and I get to keep one of each… 🙂

Anyway… getting back to the issue… I am being treated here for addiction to Internet. I don’t have a wireless network to call of my own and that is taking the life out of me. As a friend mentioned, my state is like that of a fish out of water. I am sharing this place with a working professional and he goes to work Monday thru Friday, 7 to 7. He doesn’t really need net access at home and I totally understand that.  I on the other hand, sit at home all the time as I am currently unemployed. I am used to the luxurious life where I checked mail when I woke up, when I came out of bathroom, when I left for work, when I came back home, when I went to sleep… I am used to spending all my time online and now I have to go around looking for a place where I can get online.

This place I shifted is an apartment building complex and I have a few friends already staying here… I have been running around asking everyone if they know anyone who stays near my place, but nothing seems to be working out.

Hence, I feel like I am in rehab right now. There is always a nagging feeling that something is wrong. I am trying to look at the better side. Maybe, now I will start doing more worthwhile things offline.

Whatever be it, I hope I get well soon… 🙂

p.s. Made this post using Windows Live Writer (Beta) which seems to be way cooler than BlogJet.

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