Mt Rushmore Trip


The weather wasn’t all that great… it was really hot during the day and it rained the night when we camped… couldn’t go trekking cause everyone wasn’t ready. Mt Rushmore isn’t that big of a deal… many might not agree with that statement, but I was really disappointed after sitting in a car for 15 hours. Ohh… and the car… it was another experience in itself… Six people with a lot of luggage were packed tightly into a Mercury Mountaineer… On the way back we got a ticket as well…

I guess just because my experience wasn’t all that great (because of the things mentioned above… and many that I can’t mention here), I feel that the weekend was a waste… South Dakota is a nice place… it makes sense passing though SD or staying there over night when you are out on a long road trip. Making a trip to SD, doesn’t make any sense.

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