Firefox Extensions

Here’s a set of Firefox extensions, in no particular order, that I really like and use regularly. I have tried to rate them and give a small description for each extension. You can click on the names and go to Mozilla’s website to get more information on these extensions and download them. Note: Most of these extensions are meant to work for windows only.

Rating: 8/10 Status: Enabled
A set of tweaks to make Firefox run faster

Rating: 9/10 Status: Enabled
Blocks out advertisements on webpages. Very very useful. Note: This extension makes Firefox crash at times when gmail is opened

Adblock Filterset.G Updater
Rating: 9/10 Status: Enabled
Updates list of servers to block. It works in conjunction with Adblock

Web Developer
Rating: 7/10 Status: Enabled
A must have for anyone into web development. A lot of features and options to make temporary changes to webpages. I have used it to check the changes by CSS and underlying structure and accessibility

Download Statusbar
Rating: 8/10 Status: Enabled
Instead of a dialog window popping open separately, now when I start a download, a bar similar to statusbar shows up at the bottom.

Rating: 7/10 Status: Enabled
Gives options to save the current open windows into a session, open closed tabs and recovers open tabs if Firefox crashes

Rating: 9/10 Status: Enabled
Amongst many things, adds Google Suggest to all the input boxes and gives a variety of options to remove ads and link to other search engines while searching on Google

Tab X
Rating: 9/10 Status: Enabled
Instead of a single close button at the end of tab bar, creates a close button for each tab. Some people don’t like it, but once you start using it, it makes life so much more simpler

CuteMenus – Crystal SVG
Rating: 6/10 Status: Disabled
Adds icons to all the different menu items. Mostly for visual enhancements

Rating: 8/10 Status: Enabled
Great extension to create reminders and to-do list. Comes with a lot of options

Bookmarks Synchronizer 3
Rating: 8/10 Status: Enabled
Synchronize your bookmarks with a file at a remote location to keep copies of your bookmarks. I use it to synchronize my Bookmarks in Windows and Linux

Screen Grab!
Rating: 7/10 Status: Enabled
Captures an image of the document being view with various options. Saves the file in a png format. I use it to keep copies of all the transaction IDs and receipt numbers etc.

Extended Statusbar
Rating: 6/10 Status: Enabled
Gives more details such as images on the webpage, size, speed and time taken to open the webpage etc. Similar to what Opera does.

View Formatted Source
Rating: 6/10 Status: Enabled
Displays the source for the webpage with HTML tag folding. A lot of options to customize the view of the source as per your needs

Groowe Search Toolbar
Rating: 9/10 Status: Enabled
Amazing search toolbar. The best that I have ever used. A must have.

Tabbrowser Preferences
Rating: 7/10 Status: Enabled
Adds itself to the options window. Has a lot options to make the Tabbed Browsing experience just the way you like it.

Rating: 6/10 Status: Enabled
Makes the Firefox menu interface similar to Office XP. It’s mainly for visual enhancement.

IE Tab
Rating: 7/10 Status: Enabled
Another great extension. It embeds IE into Firefox. If you haven’t configured Firefox to option embedded wmv files, you can use this plug-in to open them up by first viewing the page in IE. 🙂

Rating: 7/10 Status: Enabled
A good feed reader. Opens up as a sidebar.

Rating: 7/10 Status: Disabled
A good toolbar for those who have a lot of time on their hands. By the click of a button it takes you to a set of user-submitted pages based on the preferences you have set. It can get very very addictive. I have disabled it. 😉

Rating: 5/10 Status: Disabled
A Blog Editor that needs a lot of improvement. But still, the whole idea of being able to blog right out Firefox.. Great… Flock is already doing it as it has a blog editor integrated into it… but I like the fact that here I have an option

Crash Recovery
Rating: 7/10 Status: Enabled
Recovers the Firefox, as in, opens all the last open tabs with their current history, when Firefox is restarted after a crash

Rating: 7/10 Status: Enabled
A kewl extension. Shows how much of a page is loaded by converting the address-bar into a progress bar. Again… it is mainly for visual enhancement.

PDF Download
Rating: 7/10 Status: Enabled
When you click on a link to a PDF, you get an option to view as PDF, view as HTML or download it

Disable targets for download
Rating: 7/10 Status: Enabled
Sometimes, when you click on links to download files, Firefox opens a blank page as well. This extension stops it.

Rating: 6/10 Status: Enabled
Shows the IP of the site you are viewing and gives options to work with it

Rating: 6/10 Status: Enabled
A kewl extension to save webpages when you are researching a subject. You just keep saving the pages. It comes with a very good text search tool

HTML Validator
Rating: 6/10 Status: Enabled
Validates HTML pages on the fly as you view them.

Rating: 6/10 Status: Disabled
Saves the order in which tabs were viewed and accordingly takes you to the last selected tab when another tab is closed. I find this very useful.

Rating: 7/10 Status: Disabled
Fetches the forecast for your city. I have it disabled as I prefer to goto Yahoo! weather and get the information that I need

Rating: 8/10 Status: Enabled
Play and control many different applications through Firefox itself

Rating: 8/10 Status: Enabled
Gives you a lot of options for enhancing Tabbed Browsing experience. I used it for opening my tabs in multiple rows, so that they don’t get too small when I have a lot of them open. Also, I have used it to replace FLST.

UI Tweaker
Rating: 8/10 Status: Enabled
Comes with a lot of options to tweak Firefox UI to just the way you want it. One of the main reasons I use it is for displaying multi row Bookmark Toolbar.

I will probably find sometime and make this into a page so that I can have it in the sidebar at all times.


  1. i installed reminderfox to my firefox, but i still havent get work this reminder over ftp. it works in one computer, but does not update information over network to another computer.

    have you try also this and what you did, to get it work?

  2. I had not tried it till now, but gave it a go today. It works perfectly fine.

    Just give it the url to the location where you want to store the file. I stored it in the root of my site, so the url was and using FTP and my ursername/password, I exported the items from the extension. Similarly you can import them.

  3. i tryed it in another ftp account. i don’t understand this, if i use root ftp account. it works, but if i make for it an user account, it wont not transfer information anymore 🙁

    maybe its problem of my virtual server provider.

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