Installed UTW3 for Tags

I finally replaced WP Taggerati plugin with Ultimate Tag Warrior 3 because it’s much more powerful. WP Taggerati would serve the needs of beginners, but if you want real control and a lot of features, UTW is the plugin in to go for…

To make sure that everything works fine, I did the following:

  1. Removed the php code for displaying Tags from WP Taggerati from the theme files
  2. Deactivated the plugin and deleted it (optional).
  3. Activated UTW3.
  4. I went phpMyAdmin and I removed the three tables created by WP Taggerati
  5. Then, using phpMYAdmin, I updated the strings <itag> and </itag> to [ tags ] and [ /tags ] respectivly for all the posts. The former custom HTML tags are used by WP Taggerati to define tags, where as the latter are used by UTW.
    NOTE: I could have modified UTW’s php code too, but I didn’t want to use the ‘<itag>’ format. I searched a bit and found the information on how to replace the strings on
  6. Just went into Options -> Tags -> Manage Tags and Imported the embedded Tags.
  7. Added the code into the theme files where ever needed. I also had to tweak a lot of setting to make the Tag Archive, Tags Archive and Search work.

…and now everything works perfectly… 🙂

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