HT makes 4 indians bat at the same time..

HT‘s scoreboard for the 1st ODI between India and England on 28th March, at a point of time showed 4 indian cricketers batting at the same time. One was Pathan and the other three were Suresh Raina, Raina and S Raina. I guess they could decide what would be the best way to write his name. After sometime they brought down the number to 3 cricketers… couldn’t wait for it to be fully fixed cause it was late in the night. Found it funny, so here are the images.

4 Indians batting at same time 3 Indians batting at same time

Update 06/01/06: Due to my screw up during synchronizing process of this blog, the images abouve have been lost. Hence a tag screwed up has been added to this post.

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