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The first and the last post using this software, well at least till they make this application a lot better. The good part is that Qumana is FREE and is better than most other blogging tools that I have come across. This software works for Windows and Macs. The bad part is that it lacks things such as options to change timestamp, adding images as thumbnails and adding custom tags.

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  1. Sorry you don’t like it, Nalin .. unfortunately we can’t please everybody, and we can’t develop all the new features people have suggested to us all at once. Actually, I think that all of the suggestions you made in your brief post above we have discussed here at Qumana, and one or more of them may be in our prioritised development queue.

    Oh well, at least you tried it … and yes, it is tough to haggle over the price 😉

  2. Qumana is a good weblog client that needs more work on it. The version number needs to go up a few notch and then I would probably try it again. It would be a good tool for someone who is a beginner, but for someone who needs more customizability, this tool hasnt reached that point yet.

    The best weblog tool as of now, IMHO, is Blogjet. It’s got most of the things that I have looked for till date.

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