Smoky Mountains Trip

Didn’t have enough money to goto Florida, so loads of friends and I went to Smoky Mountains in Tennessee for the Spring Break. It was a fun-filled but a tiring trip. Had to sleep for more than 20/48 hrs after getting back to Chicago.

3 groups (that I know of) went to Smoky Mts from UIC this time. We were 14 people in one group and had 3 cars. It took a bit to get to Smoky Mts as we had a stop over at Indianapolis for a while. We stayed near Pigeon Forge in a cabin called The Hideout. Most of the time we were playing Pool or relaxing in Jacuzzi (hot tub). Other times we went hiking, rafting, go-karting etc.

I have here three of about thousand pics that we all clicked in total. Ill be uploading many more onto Flickr. The one below was taken in Tuckaleechee Caverns and it has the whole bunch.. Ninad, me and Ishaan on the ground, Monil, Nayan, Rahil, Siddesh, Ajay, Rishi and Kinnari at sitting on the bench and Omid, Tejas, Paresh and Sumant standing/sitting at back.

Smoky Mts Trip

The following picture was taken on the trail to Rainbow Falls. Everyone was happy to finally sit down and rest before heading back.

Smoky Mts Trip

This picture below has two of the three groups getting all ready for rafting. It was almost snowing that day and the wind was cold. The hands were out holding the rows and they went through the transiting of getting cold, to unbearably cold to burning… Rafting was fun cause we had a few class three and a couple of class four rapids.

Smoky Mts Trip

A few people fell ill, few got hurt, couple got ticketed… some cars got flats and one car went into a ditch… but everyone reached back all safe and sound…

Over all the trip was a success. We had loads of fun. Freaked out as much as possible (with the little sleep that we had there).

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