Gmail is changing

Slowly and slowly…. folks at Google are adding more and more features to Gmail and at the same time modifying the old ones. Recently there was news that Gmail added virus protection and all the downloads will now be scanned.

I recently noticed that now Trash folder is not the same as before. Now when you delete a message in any of your folders (other than Trash and Spam), you click on Delete which has replaced Move to Trash. Also, the trash folder now has a message that states “messages that have been in Trash more than 30 days will be automatically deleted“. I dont know if they have actually implemented it or not. I still have messages from october lying there in the trash folder. Also, they have added this small trash-can icon to the messages in the trash folder…

There’s also this new web clips feature. A line of text on top of each folder’s view, which links to stories from sites all over the internet… basically RSS Feeds…

Kewl…. I like it… 🙂

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