Blog Updated

ok… after a long time, I did some major updates to this blog. Since I had shifted from MT, I had not really made any changes.

Well…. first off I added a couple of things in the sidebar. I have also added a lot of WP plugins. One of the plugins that I have added is Taggerati and it is used to tag posts on the blog. I came across this plugin when I was on Vinit’s Blog. Other than this there are about 10-15 more plugins in my WP, many of which are being used. These are mostly to make life more easy for me rather than make this blog look better for the visitors ;-).

I have started working on a template on top of the kubrick template. I’ll be using the same template then for my website as well as this blog. I don’t know when will I be able to complete that, but I hope I do it soon. I have started to get bored of this already….

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