Happy Diwali

Hi peeps…

HAPPY DIWALI….. hope you all have have a great time with your friends and families….

It’s so freaking funny…. few years back, people would call you or come over to your place to wish you…. then it all started happening over emails…. and now it happens over instant messengers.

Well… I have gone a step further…. started a new era (I would like to think)….. I havent replied to a single mail or message I got… I have wished everyone here on my blog… Come and read it…..

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  1. Happy Diwali Nalin. And here’s wishing u and ur family a Joyous New Year as well !! So, i visited ur blog, and wishing u by posting a comment…so am i part of ur new era? 😉

    Best wishes,

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