Watching the Future shape up

5 years back I had no idea what the whole deal about the Internet was and now I have reached a point that an hour without it makes me sick. I have come from a point where these things didn’t matter to me, to a point that I like to (need to) keep a track of all the happenings.

It’s really nice and exciting to see the future shape up in-front of my eyes. As everyone knows, last few weeks have been very exciting for the Internet community as a lot of new softwares, applications and web services were launched. Every major company has been coming up with new products, updates to existing products and new start-ups have also come up with good products.

Microsoft has introduced new version of it’s messenger and updated it’s search engine. It’s coming up with Vista and newer versions of MS Studio. Latest are the talks of Microsoft’s plans to invest big time into VOIP. Well… there must be much more it is up to….

Yahoo! came up with Yahoo! 360 and a newer version of it’s messenger which enabled voice calls over the Internet. Also, Yahoo has been busy buying start-ups like Konfabulator and Flickr. They have lost the popularity they enjoyed 4–5 years back because of Google.

Google… it is on fire…. red hot…. Google Earth, Blogspot, Google Talk, Google Desktop, Picasa, Hello etc…. I mean like…. u name it and they are there….

Then there are some other companies like the new startup for sharing photos in a real innovative manner. and Digg are changing the way people bookmark links.

On the whole, it’s just a kewl experience to see all these new developments take place now, knowing that these are going to have major impact on the world as a whole in the coming decade.

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