Talk with Tattoo Brand Consulting

Tattool Brand Consulting  is a low profile company from San Francisco that works with big names in the industry. They have a very sparse website with just their contact information on it. When I got a mail from them, I was very intrigued by the whole thing. They sounded very credible in the mail, but when I went to their website, I was kind of freaked. Just a plain page with black background and a simple flash on top of it….

Well, I as usual googled it and I found this article on them by The article paints a real good picture of the firm and I decided to go ahead and talk to them. I got a call from them today and we had a talk for an hour which was compensated for… well… more than compensated for…. 😉

They are working currently for Yahoo! and the consultant I talked to asked me a lot of questions related to Yahoo and it’s major competitors; Google, Microsoft etc… I guess, Yahoo! feels that it’s high time it starts doing something about the market share it has lost to Google in the last 4–5 years.

Talking to them, made me realize that the only reason that I see Yahoo! on the web nowadays is for the one account I still keep getting mails in and the messenger that I have to use. But I think I need to start researching a bit more into Yahoo!’s activities and find out more about what it is up to.

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