Google Talk unimpressive ? Naah…..

Why did google have to release Google Talk when it was not ready ? Why not wait for sometime longer and wait for other features to be added ? why not make the release for Mac and Linux also available at the same time ?

There has been much talk about Google Talk being unimpressive. I do agree to the point that it lacks a lot of basic features that are now considered necessary for any IM Client, but I still like it. It has a nice and simple interface. Unlike other clients, I don’t have to sit and configure it all to feel that everything is just like i want it. Here, it all seems right already.

I am waiting for the extra features to be added as I have become used to it. But one must agree, it serves the basic purpose of a IM Client, which is to enable two people to exchange messages amongst themselves, instantly.

I am sure the programmers working on this product will soon roll out newer updates to this product and make it comparable to other IM Clients. One just has to wait and watch….

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