Google Talk using GAIM

It’s finally out… the much awaited and much speculated service by google is finally out… and out before time. I myself had been thinking sometime back that this was the next step that google had to take.

There was speculation that this service was going to be out tommorrow but the news can out today itself. They still dont have a client of their own and hence one needs to use other open source clients to run the Jabber protocol and come online on Google Talk.(When I posted this first, there was no announcement of a client for Google Talk. Google gave a link to download the software, for WinXP only, late Tuesday night.)

I used Gaim to connect to google talk. I have put up some images to show how to configure the gaim client to run for MSN, Yahoo and Google Talk.

Configuration for Google Talk

Google Talk: Just select Jabber in the protocol and then make sure to change Server from to and to set the Connect Server as  

Configuration for MSN

MSN: Nothing much here to do, except to make sure to add after the Screen Name.

Configuration for Yahoo

Yahoo: Here also, there isn’t much that has to be worried about. The difference between this and MSN is that here one doesn’t add the at the end of the Screen Name.

Update 06/01/06: Due to my screw up during synchronizing process of this blog, the images abouve have been lost. Hence a tag screwed up has been added to this post.

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