A: I have started liking you.
B: I like you too.

What was just communicated here ? I hate the fact that life is not as simple as Math. Nothing is quantized and everything is relative. All the different connotations and degrees a word can be used in, confuses me. Thats why I love Computers and at times find their company more peaceful as compared to people.

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  1. Very often…it’s not that complex…and has a very simple connotation. Attraction between 2 people is a very common and straightforward thing.
    Don’t use this as an excuse to hide from people and the world. If you think that all interactions with people are very abstruse and complicated…it says something about your people’s skills. There might be something wrong that you are doing.

  2. Someone,
    I dont hide from people or the world. I am out there dealing with them all the time. I like being in groups and enjoy socializing.

    But, expressing and understanding emotions is not something that I think I will ever become good at; and this is why it is one of the things that I never enjoy doing.

  3. Ok..understandable that you are not good at the whole expressing and understanding emotions thing. Either you stay away from it, or you learn and get better, because if you stay pretty much the same (and may I add, feel a little proud that you are better dealing with machines than with people), you are going to end up hurting a lot of people.

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