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Finally…. Fedora Core 4

"The only thing constant is change…."

I am…

“The only thing constant is change….”

I am a total believer in the above stmt. I have found that I cant seem to stay put with one OS. I reacently got an external harddrive, 120GB Western Digital, and that meant that I had a lot more space on my 60gig laptop drive.

So I decided to reinstall a linux distro. Well…. I had had experience with SuSE 9.2 Pro, RedHat and Fedora Core 3. So, conforming to the above stmt, I decided to try some new distro. Thats when all hell broke loose.

I started by trying to get Ubuntu 5.04 to work. I really like what they have done with the theme. But I didnt like their installation process. Nothing can match the installation process of Fedora or Gentoo; Fedora makes it so darn simple while giving you so many options, where as Gentoo makes is so darn difficult, but gives you total control on how you want the system to be.

Next I went ahead and downloaded Gentoo Linux. It was fun to begin with…. was very inspiring (dont know why) and I really liked it, till the time I reached “dependency issues”. I got so frustrated, that I just dropped the whole idea and went back to Ubuntu. After a few days, I was talking to this friend of mine who had Gentoo on his laptop and it just made me give it a go again. I started the installation again and all went well. I even installed the GRUB and restarted the machine. Just so happens that I screwed up grub.conf and then system wont boot into the gentoo linux which i had very cutely renamed as Nalin’s Linux. Have decided to wait for the Gentoo XLIVE CDs to come out before I give it a go again.

The ordeal wasnt over yet. I started checking out other distros online. Came up with Debian 3.1 Sarge. Thought about it, seemed good. So downloaded and installed it. I hated the console mode install. And once I started the system, I hated the interface too…. U might be calling me dumb, as all the interfaces of linux are same(other than SuSE which is distinctivly different)…. but, I didnt get a good feel.

So I again went on search and finally decided upon Fedora Core 4. I love it. It’s almost the same as Fedora 3, but the interface is better supported as there are better drivers for my Nvidia Graphics Card. The sound card is giving me problems but I will soon fix that too. Also, the wireless is woring on my lappy. Ndiswrapper is a great tool.

Will update later on my quest with Linux.