I got suckered… :-(

A nice (well… no more…) friend of mine sent me a link http://www.geocities.com/joke_of_the_day_3_4/ . I unlike usual, followed that link thinking that it was what it said.

What you see there is a Login Page for using the Yahoo! Flickr service. I didn’t understand why it was there, but cause my brain wasn’t working after studying for hours, I simply put in my login and password. And guess what ??? I got suckered… It took me to some weird page…

Then I realized what a dumb thing I had done. I actually mailed my login and password to someone sitting in Japan. Had to kick myself for a while and then change passwords for all the accounts that had the same password.

Going though the page source I found that the email address getting all this info was accountshere_2@yahoo.com. Guessing by that, I am sure this nice human being has more such pages set up. Also saw that (s)he is using a CGI script hosted at www2.fiberbit.net. Checked the WHOIS Db and found it is registered to some F Bit Communications Corp in Kyoto, Japan. Anyways… have sent a few nice words to the email address above… X-(

Just to show what how the whole thing works… I have copied the source and you can goto it here on my site. I have changed the form a bit. Just enter any email (full email, not just the user-id) in the username textfield and any text you want in the password text field. After hitting submit, you can go and check the email address you provided. You will see the exact info that you provided.

I feel like such a jackass right now… Having spent almost all my time for the last so many years online, I still fell for this one… People around the world, keep getting suckered every freaking day… one really has to be very careful while browsing the www. It’s a bad bad world out there. I did go ahead and fill up a form on Yahoo! to let them know of this page. There’s a lot of shit on Geocities and Yahoo! isn’t doing anything about it… this and the fact that it took me sooo much time to find that General Abuse Form, really pissed me off.

UPDATE: my friend didn’t send it. I got it as an offline, so I assumed that he had. It is actually some sort of a virus… I am sure many people others got it too then…

ANOTHER UPDATE: Got a reply from people at Yahoo!. They have taken the necessary action, i.e. removed the site within 3 hrs of notifying them… hmm.. nice..

Thank you for informing us of possible abuse on Yahoo! GeoCities.  We have investigated the site and taken the necessary action.  We appreciate your concern and thank you for reporting this incident to Yahoo!.

You can still see what the page was like here.

Yahoo! Mail Beta

I had read about Yahoo! Mail Beta in PC Magzine about 3-4 months back and had gone online and apped there to be able to use it. I am not  much of a beta tester.. I just wanted to have a look at it. Well, finally yesterday I logged into my Yahoo! Mail and I was asked if I would like to try out the beta..

It’s a lot different than any other e-mail service online and is mostly like a desktop email client (like Thunderbird). Here’s an image of the Yahoo Mail Beta’s interface.


Watching the Future shape up

5 years back I had no idea what the whole deal about the Internet was and now I have reached a point that an hour without it makes me sick. I have come from a point where these things didn’t matter to me, to a point that I like to (need to) keep a track of all the happenings.

It’s really nice and exciting to see the future shape up in-front of my eyes. As everyone knows, last few weeks have been very exciting for the Internet community as a lot of new softwares, applications and web services were launched. Every major company has been coming up with new products, updates to existing products and new start-ups have also come up with good products.

Microsoft has introduced new version of it’s messenger and updated it’s search engine. It’s coming up with Vista and newer versions of MS Studio. Latest are the talks of Microsoft’s plans to invest big time into VOIP. Well… there must be much more it is up to….

Yahoo! came up with Yahoo! 360 and a newer version of it’s messenger which enabled voice calls over the Internet. Also, Yahoo has been busy buying start-ups like Konfabulator and Flickr. They have lost the popularity they enjoyed 4–5 years back because of Google.

Google… it is on fire…. red hot…. Google Earth, Blogspot, Google Talk, Google Desktop, Picasa, Hello etc…. I mean like…. u name it and they are there….

Then there are some other companies like the new startup Slide.com for sharing photos in a real innovative manner. del.icio.us and Digg are changing the way people bookmark links.

On the whole, it’s just a kewl experience to see all these new developments take place now, knowing that these are going to have major impact on the world as a whole in the coming decade.

MSN Messenger v7.5 and Yahoo Messenger with Voice

A lot of new updates are coming out one after another… The two product releases by Google last week have led a lot of frenzied activities online. Microsoft don’t want to stay behind and neither does Yahoo!. I don’t know when, but both the companies have made the beta releases of their messengers into full release.

The MSN Messenger v7.0 is now MSN Messenger v7.5 and the Yahoo Messenger v7.0 BETA is now Yahoo Messenger with Voice.

I just happened to notice this as I was re-installing a friend’s computer. Google, has really brought good times with it’s rise. I am sure we are going to see a lot of good competition between these companies in the coming years.

Stopping Yahoo Group Flooding with Mails

I moderate a few yahoo groups and uic_incoming is the most active of them. Until recently, we had been having a big problem with a lot of people sending personal mails to the group. Mails that were meant for one person were being distributed to all the 650+ members.

We recently put the board into moderation, as in, all the mails would first be approved by the moderators and then be display on the group. But that put a lot of burden on us mods. So, I changed one setting. I went to Management (only mods see this) and then went to Messages under the Group Settings. Then I went on to edit he settings for Posting and Archiving and just set the reply-to option to *sender* and not *all members*.

This has greatly reduced the number of mails that have been coming in for moderation.