Google Suggest

Nalin Makar in Google Suggest

It’s no big deal… and I am sure many out there wont even know what Google Suggest is ! For the noobs… Google Suggest is a service which assists users in searching by incorporating AJAX. As you type your query, it suggest what most other people are searching for; basically the most probable matches to what you might want to query.

I use Firefox all the time and there is an add-on Customize Google, that makes all Google search boxes work like Google Suggest. It helps me save a lot of time by helping form my queries better.

Anyways, I wrote this post to tell that now if you type the string “nalin ma” in Google Suggest, it shows my name as the probable words that you might be looking to search for.


Gmail is changing

Slowly and slowly…. folks at Google are adding more and more features to Gmail and at the same time modifying the old ones. Recently there was news that Gmail added virus protection and all the downloads will now be scanned.

I recently noticed that now Trash folder is not the same as before. Now when you delete a message in any of your folders (other than Trash and Spam), you click on Delete which has replaced Move to Trash. Also, the trash folder now has a message that states “messages that have been in Trash more than 30 days will be automatically deleted“. I dont know if they have actually implemented it or not. I still have messages from october lying there in the trash folder. Also, they have added this small trash-can icon to the messages in the trash folder…

There’s also this new web clips feature. A line of text on top of each folder’s view, which links to stories from sites all over the internet… basically RSS Feeds…

Kewl…. I like it… 🙂

Google’s page for IE

Google has this page customized page setup for Firefox users at This is the homepage that gets setup for Firefox users after the first install. Similarly, I tried to see if they had anything setup for Safari, Opera, IE etc… and as it turns out, there is one for ie at Its a weird little page in which the textfield stretches right across the page and the results returned contain only the title.

I wonder why folks at Google have this page up there…

Shifting to Gmail

I forgot to mention that two weeks back I shifted all my mail to Gmail. Now I have routed all my email into a single account on Gmail. Gmail is full of great features and now I can send email from my Gmail account using a different authenticated email address in the sender’s field.

I didn’t want to use Gmail for a few reasons,

  1. It doenst have that kewl looking interface…. I have learnt to deal with that.
  2. I didn’t know about the archive function….. getting to know about it was one of the main features that prompted me to shift to Gmail.
  3. I was too used to a desktop email client (Thunderbird)

Well, the reasons why I shifted to Gmail are

  1. I realized that a desktop email client is mainly for ppl with desktops or those who carry their Laptops around with them each day. I do carry my laptop with me everywhere, but I am getting tierd of it now. I have an Inspiron 8600 and it is heavy…. So, if I dont have a secure local machine, using a desktop email client is not really a good idea.
  2. I learnt how to use the archive function. Now I have just set up filters that automatically label my mail and archive it at the same time.

Gmail is really good. AJAX, I guess, is the way to go….

Watching the Future shape up

5 years back I had no idea what the whole deal about the Internet was and now I have reached a point that an hour without it makes me sick. I have come from a point where these things didn’t matter to me, to a point that I like to (need to) keep a track of all the happenings.

It’s really nice and exciting to see the future shape up in-front of my eyes. As everyone knows, last few weeks have been very exciting for the Internet community as a lot of new softwares, applications and web services were launched. Every major company has been coming up with new products, updates to existing products and new start-ups have also come up with good products.

Microsoft has introduced new version of it’s messenger and updated it’s search engine. It’s coming up with Vista and newer versions of MS Studio. Latest are the talks of Microsoft’s plans to invest big time into VOIP. Well… there must be much more it is up to….

Yahoo! came up with Yahoo! 360 and a newer version of it’s messenger which enabled voice calls over the Internet. Also, Yahoo has been busy buying start-ups like Konfabulator and Flickr. They have lost the popularity they enjoyed 4–5 years back because of Google.

Google… it is on fire…. red hot…. Google Earth, Blogspot, Google Talk, Google Desktop, Picasa, Hello etc…. I mean like…. u name it and they are there….

Then there are some other companies like the new startup for sharing photos in a real innovative manner. and Digg are changing the way people bookmark links.

On the whole, it’s just a kewl experience to see all these new developments take place now, knowing that these are going to have major impact on the world as a whole in the coming decade.

Google Talk unimpressive ? Naah…..

Why did google have to release Google Talk when it was not ready ? Why not wait for sometime longer and wait for other features to be added ? why not make the release for Mac and Linux also available at the same time ?

There has been much talk about Google Talk being unimpressive. I do agree to the point that it lacks a lot of basic features that are now considered necessary for any IM Client, but I still like it. It has a nice and simple interface. Unlike other clients, I don’t have to sit and configure it all to feel that everything is just like i want it. Here, it all seems right already.

I am waiting for the extra features to be added as I have become used to it. But one must agree, it serves the basic purpose of a IM Client, which is to enable two people to exchange messages amongst themselves, instantly.

I am sure the programmers working on this product will soon roll out newer updates to this product and make it comparable to other IM Clients. One just has to wait and watch….

Google Talk using GAIM

It’s finally out… the much awaited and much speculated service by google is finally out… and out before time. I myself had been thinking sometime back that this was the next step that google had to take.

There was speculation that this service was going to be out tommorrow but the news can out today itself. They still dont have a client of their own and hence one needs to use other open source clients to run the Jabber protocol and come online on Google Talk.(When I posted this first, there was no announcement of a client for Google Talk. Google gave a link to download the software, for WinXP only, late Tuesday night.)

I used Gaim to connect to google talk. I have put up some images to show how to configure the gaim client to run for MSN, Yahoo and Google Talk.

Configuration for Google Talk

Google Talk: Just select Jabber in the protocol and then make sure to change Server from to and to set the Connect Server as  

Configuration for MSN

MSN: Nothing much here to do, except to make sure to add after the Screen Name.

Configuration for Yahoo

Yahoo: Here also, there isn’t much that has to be worried about. The difference between this and MSN is that here one doesn’t add the at the end of the Screen Name.

Update 06/01/06: Due to my screw up during synchronizing process of this blog, the images abouve have been lost. Hence a tag screwed up has been added to this post.

Google Adsense

Opened an account with Google Adsense a few days back and added the scripts into my site today. It’s a nice system. More the ppl that visit this site, the more are the chances of them clicking on the ads and hence higher is going to be my earning. Currently, i am not expecting to earn anything, as I don’t have so many ppl coming here onto my site. But, then there is nothing wrong in starting an adsense account and then trying to get some extra money. Maybe someday it will be enuf to pay for my hosting.

It’s a nice funda. U get to select the kind of advertisement you want to display on the website and then select and totally customize it. The best part is that the contents of the advertisement are tailored to the contents of the webpage they are being displayed on.

Google Desktop v2.0 BETA

Kewl tool…. these guys are not going to stop at anything. it’s a highly customizable application. A lot more feature have been brought into it as compared to v1.0. The best part is the support for plugins that are can be installed into the software just like extensions can be added to Firefox.

The software doesn’t really hog a lot of memory and provides a lot of information. The fact that it can be kept in three different forms makes it easy for use on any computer screen with any resolution. But, best option is to display it as a sidebar on a wide screen laptop. It provides features as News, Scratch Pad, Web Clips (RSS feed), Weather and plugins such as To Do list, System Monitor etc.

Worth having it installed on your computer. Get it here.