Ever since I first installed the Hemingway theme on my wordpress blog, I have been a big fan of it. I love tinkering with it and every now and then I keep adding something new or changing something here or there in the theme. I have finally decided to make my modifications available to others for download as well.

So, I introduce HemingwayEx, a simple extension of Hemingway theme for WordPress blogs. I have tried to keep the original essence of the Hemingway theme and added some new features and fixed some small issues. This theme comes with an options page and is widgetized.

HemingwayEx 1.9.1 has been tested with WP 3.1.4.


Here are some of the main features of HemingwayEx:

  • Widgetized: This theme is best used with Widgets. Out-of-box, it works only with widgets. This version removes the support for Hemingway Blocks. To have the option of using Hemingway Blocks instead of widgets, please stick with v1.1. By setting an option in v1.1, you can select whether you want to use the original blocks system of Hemingway themes or use widget enabled sidebars.
  • WP 3.0 Menus: Out-of-box support for WP 3.0 Menus. Also, has a fallback mechanism in case you haven’t defined any menus or you aren’t using WP 3.0 yet.
  • Options Page: You can go to Presentation -> HemingwayEx Options and set various options that give you more control over how the theme works for you.
  • Font Size: I have had some people complain about the small size of the theme. Though I like it and I have kept it same, I have provided a simple javascript tool that can be used to increase/decrease the font size of the theme. It is located just below the search form.
  • User Styles: The theme allows user to easily modify the theme’s CSS to their liking. It also comes packaged with a few CSS themes.
  • Comments: IMHO, comments are handled in a very nice manner. I love the comment numbering and you can have them displayed in ascending / descending order. Also, support has been added for WordPress Gravatar API.
  • Updates Notification: You will get automatic update notification in HemingwayEx Options page when a new update is out.
  • Dynamic Slidebar: Just like the Hemingway Bottombar, I have added a HemingwayEx Slidebar that gets displayed when the user clicks on an ‘Open Navigation’ button.
  • XHTML validated
  • Post and Page Navigation: The single post pages display links to previous/next posts. Similarly, the homepage can be paginated.
  • Out-of-box support for some plugins



Click thumbnails below to view larger screenshots:

HemingwayEx HemingwayEx

Latest version: 1.9.1

I have tested the latest version of this theme with WordPress 3.1.4. I used Firefox (version 2x, 3x on Ubuntu/Windows/Mac OS X), IE (5/6/7 on Windows), Safari (Mac OS X) and Opera (Windows). It seems to be working fine.


You can see latest version of HemingwayEx in action here.

Release Notes

Informal list of changes is maintained in a README file.


Download HemingwayEx v1.9.1.


Installation is very simple. Just download the zip file and upload the ‘hemingwayEx’ folder to themes folder in your WordPress installation. Goto the Admin Menu -> Presentation -> Themes and select the theme.

Once installed, you can go into Presentation -> HemingwayEx Options and customize the theme further to your liking.


If you are upgrading, you will need to reset/uninstall the previous version of HemingwayEx first. If you don’t you might find the display mixed up. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Goto HemingwayEx Options page and note down you settings.
  2. Now upload the new files for HemingwayEx theme.
  3. Click reset button at the bottom of the HemingwayEx options page.
  4. Refresh the HemingwayEx Options page and set the options to what they were before. Also, set more options if new settings have been made available.


If you liked HemingwayEx and have found it helpful, consider supporting it. If nothing else, how about buying me a beer/coffee? 🙂



Please note that even after spending quite some time on this theme, I have little experience with PHP. I mostly play around with it and learn as I code. I have been using this theme on my site for sometime now and I have not had any problems, but if some issue does come up, please don’t hold me responsible. I would like to know about the bugs that could be fixed and some other features that could be added, and I would work on it, time permitting.

274 Replies to “HemingwayEx”

  1. We’ve just installed Hemingway, new .css created, but in home page there are all our posts! Not 2, 4, 6, ALL!
    Any help would be really appreciated.

  2. Dear Nalin… so… in index.php we only translated English phrases into Italian (Categories>Categorie etc.) and created our css without changing style.css… paging is enabled… excerpt instead of post, ok… we really don’t understand why all posts are shown in home page! Any ideas?

  3. @Nalin: PROBLEM SOLVED! The problem was that the last 80 post were “always on top” and this caused a mess!
    BUT: sometimes a post deserves to be always – or longer than the other ones – on top; unfortunately even a single post on top screws up the layout…
    And… if we wanted to show 4 or 6 posts, they would be displayed in a single column under the first post…
    Such things maybe could be… corrected?
    Any way, it’s only a suggestion… thank you very much for your WONDERFUL work!
    From Italy, Sparajurij

  4. You need to edit single.php in hemingwayex theme folder. Just remove the whole section. This might mean changing some css stuff too because the post section would become wider.

  5. Hi Nailin, how you doing?
    We’ve recently added a new page to our site, but the link doesn’t show up in home page, under the header…. also we cannot sort the pages in a diffferent order adding to functions.php “sort_column=*** Any ideas?

  6. Thanx, Nalin… Wp menus solved… Unfortunately with 6 post in hp,,, well i can’t explain… sometimes they’re ok, sometimes they’re messed up… someone says: ‘it’s ok’, someone says: ‘oh no, it’s not!’. I really don’t understand.

  7. Is there a way to add a logo instead of the name of the site on the top left? If so, can you please tell me how? I love this theme, I just want my logo there!

  8. Hi Nalin,
    Thanks immensely for providing the theme. The previous theme I used worked fine on all browsers except IE. I’m hoping this will be great. How can I add a logo to your theme, please?

  9. I have an error: “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in D:\Softwares\Xampp\xampp\htdocs\wp1\wp-content\themes\background\functions.php on line 720”

  10. Hey man – just wanted to stop by and say thanks for making a GREAT theme available to us! I’ve been looking for something very clean and simple to setup for my personal blog. Just amazed how nice this really is….great work!!!! Thanks again!!!

  11. Hi,
    I’m using HemingwayEx on WP 3.3.1 and am currently translating it to German.
    Just some small issue – it’s not valid. But this may be caused by WordPress itself, as it seems to screw links up or so.


  12. Is your theme compatilble with wordpress 3.3.1? I think there may be broken plugin.php files and widget.php files. Can you fix, please?

  13. Hi.. Nalin
    Thanks for your theme. Now I’m using WP 3.8. Your theme cannot show two columns right now. I already checked two columns one post each in Hemingway EX option. Please solve this problem. Thanks a lot.


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