Spider-man 3 : The IMAX Experience

Watched the 1:40 am show and still didn’t manage to get good seats… This movie sure is all set to break records. We reached about an hour before the start of the movie and still there were about a 100 people ahead of us in line. One kewl part was getting watch IMAX for the first time. The picture quality really is something different on that huge screen. This wasn’t a dome, but it was a great experience never-the-less.

The movie itself wasn’t anything great. It’s worth a watch on the big screen as there are a lot of special effects and a lot of action. But they ended up making this movie so melodramatic that it kind of started to suck. And… I don’t know about others but I found the black spiderman suit better than the red-and-blue one.

All in all… it was fun to be up so late after such a long time… Got into bed at 5:30 in the morning.

The movie…. 7/10.

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